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Hackers on the good side: Ethical Hacking


Who are Hackers? 

Almost everyone heard the word "Hackers" and they believe hackers are "cybercriminals", a hacker isn't generally a trouble maker or had a bad image.  A hacker is only an individual who utilizes programming skills or specialized abilities to conquer a problem and issue. 

Likewise, with most marks, there's a decent side and a terrible side of hackers, and there are additionally individuals who fall someplace in the middle. So first we have to know the types of hackers as mentioned below.

Type of hackers

There are mainly three types of categories for hackers:
  1. A "white hat" hacker is a moral or ethical computer security expert or software engineer who works with associations or ethical hacking organizations to discover online protection weaknesses to fix them, not exploit them. 
  2. A "black hat", In the event that "hackers" infers a cybercriminal who utilizes their programming skill to break into corporate and private frameworks to take the information.
  3. Furthermore, there are "gray hat" hackers whose objectives are someplace in the middle. A large number of them are consultants hoping to make a benefit by uncovering weaknesses in an association's security design and offering to fix them for an expense.

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